Canceling a reference request

I asked my supervisor to be one of my references when applying for Charter about 2 months ago. She accepted happily. Now we are one week away from the results and she still hasn’t filled out the required form which I sent to her through CFAI website. I have reminded her about 3-4 times and the last time, I explained how I’d like to earn my Charter right after the results are released (given a passing score). She promised to do it that day. Well…she didn’t. That was few weeks ago. Now the situation is getting slightly awkward as we see each other daily. I don’t want to be a pain in the butt and keep reminding her. She knows that filling out the form takes only approx 5-15 minutes. She is now on holidays and won’t return until the first week of September.

Any advice on how I should proceed? Is it possible to cancel a reference request and replace her with someone else?

ask the institute if you can send to a third person and they take the 2 who respond.

You can edit the reference person. Add a 4th person, whom you believe he/she will write RL for you at the earliest time possible.

Wow I am in the same exact position and am glad you asked this. I am thinking of just asking someone else by sending a request and then filing the application once they complete it.

Last week was the first time I nudged my remaining reference by saying the system was acting strange when I sent the requests and wasn’t sure if she got the message. Thought for sure that would get it done because she said she got it but didn’t have a chance to do it yet but would do it early this week. Well it’s almost Wednesday now (in Japan) and still no notification of completion. I do not understand how someone can be too busy for 2 weeks to click yes or no to a few questions and write a couple sentences. /end rant

Make sure to send those references who don’t reply a bag full of dogshit as a thank you

If you paid to be a member and pass, does it appear automatically on the member search?

Dude stand up to your boss. You don’t have to be confrontational, but don’t let her cuck you. Could you imagine if YOU promised to do something for her and didn’t follow through? You’d be made an example out of.

you have to tread lightly when criticizing a boss though… something like this:

”Hi {Jennifer} good morning. Hey listen, I know things at work are crazy right now, and I want you to know that we’re in this fight together and I always have your back. Doing a quality job for you, permeates everything I do, and I wouldn’t say that to just any boss. In my current circumstance the CFA results come out in a week, and it would really expedite the process of me receiving the charter if I pass if I had all my references in. I know it’s an odd request, but they really do prefer having references from your direct supervisor. [shes likely to have already cut you off in an apologetic fashion promising to do the form today - if so. Thank her, and allow her this chance]. I couldn’t appreciate it enough if you could complete the form the CFA institute sent you. Now what do you want from Starbucks? I’m buying, won’t take no for an answer.

It’s that easy. You’re basically going to appeal to her emotions about your excitement to manipulate her into feeling embarrassed for breaking a promise and you should be good to go from there. I work in sales. So politely influencing people is something I have a lot of experience doing.

If she still doesnt do it though find a new boss who has the charter. All my CFA references knew how important it was to me and did it that same day.

Find a different reference. As long as you have 3 references (or two if one is a charterholder), CFAI doesn’t care if you have 10 references but only 7 didn’t respond.

I had 4 references, only 3 participated (one was on holiday).

agree on this.

My manager said it literally took her two minutes. Not cool that they keep ducking you. I googled the old fashioned hard copy form that was used by CFAI references before the electronic portal. It is like 3 “yes” or “no” questions… takes no time at all.

Yeah, i know…I found the reference template online and even showed it to my manager to let her know that she wasn’t going to spend hours on it.

seems like she is envy…

Doubt it, CFA is a certificate for young guns in the beginning of their careers. She is well established and couldn’t care less professionally whether I become Charterholder or not.

Start job hunting. If your boss ain’t committed to developing you and talking you up every chance she gets, then, MOVE ON!

Just send a follow up email and cc her manager. That usually works in the corporate world.

That’s very true, I know some older Charterholders that don’t even have it in their email signature anymore. I still think it adds credibility even for an older, well-established professional but apparently not everyone feels that way.

Let’s be honest, she probably wants to sleep with you too. Which is why she’s taking so long to turn in the reference - so there’s sexual tension.

she wants it…bad

i knew it…she wants the D!

One of the questions in the questionnaire: “Do you have any concerns about this person”…

She might say: Yes, he is unethical and he keeps bugging me to fill out this stupid questionnaire. He cannot be trusted.