canceling registration for level 1

Hello, I am regisdtered for 12/1-07 level 1 exam but I am considering moving it to June 2008. Does anyone know what the re-registering or cancelation process is? Are there any additional fees involved with moving the exam to another time? Where can more on this info be found on the CFA web site? Thanks

You can’t move to June without paying a new registration fee. You paid for December and you will not get that money back even if die prior to the exam (really, don’t even bother to try - people have tried to change it the same day they messed up registration and it doesn’t work). You paid for it and you should take it just to get the practice.

To second JoeyD’s post, here’s the language straight from CFAI. Amazing what’s available at the FAQ. You may as well show up and do your best. “I am not able to sit for the exam. Can I request a refund or transfer my registration to the next exam? No. Once you submit your application for the CFA Program, your enrollment and registration fees are nonrefundable. Also, enrollment and registration fees may not be transferred from one applicant/candidate to another applicant/candidate, or from one exam offering to another.”

thanks forlks - and yes I did my homework and read the FAQ carefully this time :slight_smile: