Cancellation Transparency

At this point, my exam city has NOT been cancelled and I’ve completed one full mock and a few thousand practice questions. That being said, I plan to do about 7 more mocks over the next 3 weeks.

Wondering if anyone has heard of a cut-off in terms of notice given to us candidates, if in fact, it gets cancelled. I mean, will CFA institute really cancel a city a mere few days before the exam?

My opinion: if you already have the exam venue assigned, the exam will be cancelled only if your city imposes limitations because of covid.

Unfortunately, they might cancel the exam even a day before, theoretically speaking, if local governance disallow the exam venue/the CFA institute from conducting it. There is absolutely no way of knowing whether the test will be done until after you completed your PM, or arguably (albeit a weaker argument), until you get to the morning of December 5th.

From a practical standpoint, the probability gets lower and lower as every day passes. With COVID cases increasing, however, there is a greater probability that some venues/local ordnance may choose to discontinue the examination. To convolute things further, there is a recent shift away from blanket lockdowns, although the extent depends on many factors, and as of right now, is still largely unknown.

welp good thing I live in FL ha. Where our Governor does give a sh*t about COVID. However, I suppose the mayor of Tampa (where my exam venue is located) could shut things down. She’s actually been known to be more aggressive with enforcing mask orders and stay at home ones as well. Kind of makes me nervous but guess we will see…

Writing the exam in your own city in December is a real luxury in 2020… I am flying from LA to Des Moines just to write it, knowing LA would never allow the kind of massive gathering for the exam. Our governor cares way too much about COVID and treats us like we’re children. “No more going out after 10 PM, kids!”