Candidacy Status after June Exam?

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer away from studies. I had a quick inquiry that my current anxiety levels will not allow me to patiently wait until Customer Serivice reopens Monday.

Before and after taking June level 1 exam I was able to view my status as ‘currently registered for CFA Level 1 exam’. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed changes to the layout of the CFA Institute website. Now, I no longer see where it shows I’m ‘registered’ for the Level 1 exam, or any candidacy status at all. In fact, I can complete the prelimary enrollment/policy statement for the Level 1 exam in December.

I did recieve the results email, but shouldnt my candidacy reflect my sitting the exam in June on the website? There is absolutely no relation to a violation as the subject matter of this email, as that’s been covered in posts past. Just a perplexing candidacy status.

I’ll give CS a call Monday, just wanted to get some insight from comrades as the wait for results approaches t-3 weeks.


Obviously the CFAI is tempting you into saying something that violates the standards, then they’ll boot you from the program.

Ok not really, relax. If I remember correctly the CFAI website always goes a little bit strange before the results come out and peoples statuses don’t look correct. There will probably be some people who come on here and ask whether this change means they failed, ask if it means they passed, ask if it means an alien changed their test scores.

Until the results come in, you can still say that you are a Level I Candidate, even if the website doesn’t reflect anything.

The next step will be to see if you fail or pass; if you pass, then only after receiving confirmation of your registration for Level II (i.e., you pay the fees) would you change your status to Level II Candidate.

If, god forbid, you fail, then assuming you immediately pay to re-register for L1, you don’t have to worry about taking the “CFA Level I Candidate” off of your resumes, online profiles, etc.

Hope this helps.