Candidate Application Question

Hello, I am planning to take the December 2009 exam. I am a freshman in university, however I have worked in financial accounting for 4 years, (1yr with a small firm), (1 year as an income auditor, and 2 years as a temp.) My question is about the work experience and professional profile. Work Experience Q: Although I have quite a bit of experience with financials, this is my first year in trust and I’m not sure how goood it will look listing so many employers during my recent year of temping. Should I list all employment history chronologically even though some of the full time positions may have been short in duration. Professional Experience Q: This is my first year in trust so I will be relying on the other work experience to take my first exam. I was initially concerned about the information being public, but now that I think about it I’m concerned if I will even be allowed to sit. Has anyone else out there known anyone with a sratchy job history (i.e.) accounting & non finance positions being admitted as a candidate? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you PS Free shares of lehman

Anybody can take exam…doesn’t matter what filed is he coming from. I am sure they won’t allow you to take as you are a freshman in college. They want someone who is a graduate or finishing college next year.

List all your work experience. It is likely that some of it will get approved. There is no reason to exclude anything unless it is obviously irrelevant. I was under the impression that you need an undergraduate degree, 4 years of acceptable work experience, or a combination of both totaling 4 years. Therefore it is possible that a situation will arise where you have (for example) 2 years of accepted experience and 2 years of college, which will allow you to take the exam significantly earlier. Your best bet is to submit all your relevant work experience, see how much is approved, then contact the CFA institute and ask them when you will be eligible to sign up for the exam.

Thank you for the advice. I am fairly sure from what I’m reading that my work experience will be allowed for the first exam, however I will need to finish my second year before being able to register for the second level.