Candidate Number

OK - anyone know how I can get my 'CFA Candidate #?" I didn’t memorize the thing and now I need it to get into the Sample Exam. Any place on the CFA website to look it up?

there is a lookup right there on a sample exam page… no?

call them

It will be on your exam ticket from their website.

The lookup was for the login and password - which is different… I needed the candidate # and my name to get that… I think I found it. Thanks! It was buried in my Profile.

Shoot - maybe I couldn’t see it on my Exam Ticket because I have completely covered it with notes, hints, tips, tricks and formulas. Do you think the proctors will care? ;-\

OK - CFA exams are only compatible with Microsoft Explorer - come on CFAI, get with the times! Make it Mozilla Firefox compatible. Guaranteed, I’ll get halfway through this and it will bomb out. Taking my first swag at testing - I’m nervous as sh*T - 9 months of study and It’ll be like i’m trying reading flippin’ greek. “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”

hmm i use firefox and i took exams there using firefox :slight_smile:

Ill try it with Firefox then - I despise everything about IE! I have a buddy who works for MS and uses Firefox on his work laptop. MS tech support wouldn’t work on his machine until he took it off. typical… thanks csk - going to go hit it now…

uhh working at MS is my backup plan. If that CFA gig falls through :wink:

I work for hp - wouldn’t mind working for MS though - it would be interesting.