Candidates at test center without/wrong calculator?

How often does this happen? Is there an enough market to bring two extra calculators?

I’m baffled when I see people bring the wrong calculator. Why go through 3-4 months of turmoil only to realize that you brought the wrong one - I guess these people were the ones who “crammed”. Therefore, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them.

erm Iv got the “Texas Instruments BA-II plus Professional”, it better be the valid one… any other things i need to be careful about guys ? like i think it’s advisable i get batteries for the calc et al ?

i forgot pencils…

I remember there was something about a guy bringing several spare calculators and selling them for a premium at the test site. :stuck_out_tongue: might work. I’m thinking bringing one or 2 and setting up a stand somewhere. I hope there’s no portion on ethics on this.

I’m wondering how typical this is. I plan on bringing two calculators and if the opportunity arises to help a fellow candidate out at a premium, I’m all for it!

Get all that studying put to work! Supply and Demand!

Does anyone know for a fact if this is worthwhile to attempt this though? Or does everyone bring 3 calculators thereby bringing parity down to the calculator cost at Best Buy?

Never hurts to bring an extra, you might sell it, or you might put it in your back pocket then sit on it on a hard bench for 2 hours over lunch and not realize it until you stand up and panic. Fortunately, they are tough calculators or I would have been hosed.

Saw 2 people in December that came in with wrong calculators. A person loaned this guy a calculator, but this he didn’t stand a chance. You could see the fear in his eyes, knowing he’d never worked with a new type of calc. When I took the CFP exam I saw a guy drop his cheap 10BII calculator and it busted 10 minutes before the exam. After seeing that I bought an extra just for the L1 exam. If you get an extra buy it now and don’t wait until closer to the exam because prices on Amazon will be higher.

I am using the calculator in the picture. Its a Texas instruments BA II Plus Business analyst. Is anybody else using the same calculator?

Last June I saw someone with the wrong calculater, a tattered one. Doubtful if he could have afforded to purchase one, if so he would probably have done it earlier. I was surprised he hadn’t asked around to get a HP12 for free from someone; I’m sure there are quite a few of those around, stowed away in elderly traders’ desks.