Candidates from India - Could you advise?

I have just cleared my level 3 exam. I am not sure if I would get the charter since my work exp has been rejected by CFA institure. I have asked for a reevaluation thouhg. Although I work in a dept that primarily does lending, I am not directly involved with the investment decisions directly(I am managing the overall resources, strategy etc)and hence my work exp was rejected. I intend to return to India in the next one year or so. How is the marker there currently? I am wondering how easy it is to make a switch in India. Age is not in my side since I am already in the wrong side of 30s. I have made a couple of switch already(from Eng to software to finance) and I want to make best use of the skills that I already possess…would appreciate any insight in to the job prospects in India in the financial sector. thanks. my email id is Pls feel free to email me directly. thanks.