candidates in India

For people in India taking the exam in June 2010 and who have registered for the exam, which center have you chosen. I am unable to select India as the test center (Damn these court cases)

I’ve registered my center as Nepal. It’s a matter of time that the Center will be shifted to Mumbai, as the situation has been for the past three odd years. And as a surprise, the December 09 exam too was held in India, breaking the regular stand of the court that was allowing only the June exams to be held in India

whats up with the courts in India? They against people writing the CFA or something?

To Cut a long story short, there’s an Indian CFA program too. Earlier, CFAI had a representation on the Indian CFA board, but later they decided to go all alone in India. The whole court case has been running to whom the CFA Charter belongs and one court banned CFAI from India on grounds that it didn’t have statutory approval from a regulator (who’s pretty dumb, and whose work is slightly vague). So students were forced to write the exam at another center outside India. This was in 2005 or 2006 There have been interim judgements but I’ll leave them out. In India, court cases are known to run notoriously long ( with 30 million cases pending, many of them very petty). So the case has been dragging on but since 2007, June exams have been held in India and this year, the December exam was held in India after the court case started. The biggest problem is that each country generally has it’s own Securities Analyst program, unfortunately it’s named CFA in India!