Candidates Taken the Exam in Dubai Test Center, BE WARNED

Never ever think of making crazy sounds, weird noises (from either ends ), coughing, sneezing, stretching, or any other sorts of distraction.

Is it a violation if I through a rubber on a candidate’s head?

Rubber: in British English is an eraser; in American English is a candome. I’ll be having both during the exam

Your jokes are getting increasingly abstract as the exam approaches.

He’s starting to lose it.

^ starting ?

am at the point of no return

through a rubber…!!! I have nothing to say

accidents happen… :slight_smile:

CFA is killing us…


Between the 2 sessions , Plz don’t talk about AM more than 10 minutes. Don’t check your answers and talk about them. Keep it to your self. AM is gone once it’s done. Time to reset.

when you’re in a 20 minutes restaurant que , you have the whole 20 minutes to read the menu and decide what do you want. Don’t wait until you reach the counter and ask if they have lactose free gluten free whole wheat cheese sandwich. Make it fast.