Candy Crowley is the bomb

Candy is the flavor of the month. I’d love to roll around in the sack with her.

She get’s the butch lesbian vote for sure.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, despite the fact that her name sounds like she should be a porn actress

Can’t imagine looking like that and being called Candy. I clicked on this post hoping for a bit of work-friendly soft porn to lighten up my day. Instead I get Jabba the Hut.


Thanks for ruining the start of my work day, pal

I’m watching the debate now with headphones. It’s painful to have to hear her breathe in for air at the end of every sentence.

Imagine the rockbiter from The Never Ending Story with a brown wig.

ha ha

Is candy smart??

You could say that she’s bouyant.

Does she walk on water?

Then in that case, she shoud be able to stay buoyant at all levels of depth without help of scuba-gear!!

she is human flotation device

I wish Kim Kardashian were the moderator!!

Maybe Romney should have put her in a ’ BINDER"

I’ve always believed that an ugly women who has a succesful career must be very competent. The deck is stacked against her to make it on TV.

She has a killer bod.

Boner killer.

According to wikipedia she is a vegetarian…wth?