Canelo vs Khan

Brutal, brutal knock out. everyone has always written Khan off for having no chin but an iron chin wouldn’t have withstood that punch. Top drawer fighters shouldn’t be getting caught flush like that though but fair play to Khan for actually taking the fight and some good work before that point.

Looking forward to Canelo vs GGG now. Hopefully more fighters start actually taking risks and taking on big fights.

Great and bruatal fight this Saturday, but if Oscar is any good as a manger, he’ll keep him out of that fight for a couple of years. Canelo has enough clout that he can likely even dump his belt, then come back in a couple of years when Golovkin can bring in more PPV numbers to the mix and an older GGG, or Canelo simply force GGG down to 155 where his power might be less.

It was dumb for him to fight Mayweather that early in his career, and it would be reckless to fight GGG when GGG’s at close to his prime; would be an awesome fight however.