Can't access my mock online questions!

Is there some kind of maintenance going on?


Here is the error…

An Error Occurred

Please try again, or contact us if you continue to experience this error. (Error ID 12578984 )

I am the only one…


Yeah I’m facing this problem too.

I called CFAI and tried to act civil but I was so pissed - they said, “At this point, we regret that you’re facing this issue during such a critical time for preparation but I’m afraid we can’t do anything except reiterate that we’re aware of this issue and IT is looking into it”.

“And no we can’t give you PDF’s either”

Is there a kind soul on this forum who mad a pdf of practice tests and can share? Especially FRA and EQ?/

its ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous the last 10 days before exam. I’m sure there’s a way its our fault though for waiting until last minute, right? ugh

It’s very unprofessional of them. This problem happend last year with the level 1 mocks. It happened all weeeknd long too. They should release PDF’s of the practice tests, I guarantee they have them on file or could create one in 2 min. They should’ve tested their servers for this kind of traffic especially since it happened last year. If you ask me I think they don’t give 2 sh1ts.

I learned my lesson from last year and I printed…everything out a month before…Huge waste of paper…especially since so much of the stuff is just repeat of past and this year mock exams.

Smart. I should’ve done that. Hopefully they get these things back up soon, whoever runs their IT should be out of a job. This is downright embarassing.

They posted PDF mocks for each level (banner on the website), except I thought these were already posted? Very frustrating…