Can't Believe its Over

Its been almost 4 years (Took level II twice) since i started giving CFA.

It has been like a routine to kill half time of a year for this evil.

But now all the pain and time seems of total worth.

I am waking up with big smile on my face realizing that i have done it and i wont have to study anymore and i have achieved what i wanted few years back.

It feels awesome.Cheers to all who have passed and all the best to people who plan to appear next year.

same here.

I have declared that memorial day WILL BE my most celebrated holiday in the year from now on.

Yeah man its time to enjoy summers once we used to…:slight_smile:

^ vaibhav, are you from Mumbai? I am from mumbai. By the way do you work in tcs which I could sense from your id… :slight_smile:

Buddy i am in pune…ya i work in TCS.

Wat bout u?..where r u working?

^ req sent on linkedin!

i know this sounds insane but a part of me is going to miss the CFA hell… kind of like Stockholm syndrome or war, where you have kept up a level of focus and energy on a singular task for so long, you aren’t really sure where to put that energy afterward (except, perhaps, some well deserved heavy drinking).

i agree trimonious2. I think i’m going to try and teach myself to play guitar. Part of me feels like i should sign up for some other exam though. I did really enjoy studying, I guess i’m kind of a nerd.

start actuary exams! that’s what I did last year. This can keep you busy for quite some time.

Me too. I am getting a keg for next Memorial Day.

Hasn’t sunk in for me yet that I’ve passed. I think once I get authorization to use “CFA” in a few weeks, it will be real.

I think I just felt relief upon reading the email. I haven’t really had a chance to comprehend what its going to be like to not have to take another CFA exam. My fiancee couldn’t be happier. Looks like we can do a spring wedding after all. I would have insisted we push it back to fall if I’d failed.

do you know what kind of time committment CAIA requires? I looked the curriculum and it seemed quite easy…

vaibhav.tcs and rahuls - Can you send me a Linkedin request please?

^ Request sent…

vaibhav / rahul / dinesh.sundrani I work for Capgemini. I live in Philadelphia area. Please send your linked in invite (Janardhan Babu Chinta). I hope to talk to you guys sometime.

Does this mean some of you guys are secretely longing for a Level 4…?

I know I’m…NOT!

Passed and made it 3 for 3!

Once you got your charter and are guaranteed set for life. You probably wouldn’t mind if a Level 4 appeared for current and future candidates