Can't believe I've to start studying for Level 2 again

Heh fellow Level2ers… I’ve been studying for about 2 weeks now for my second attempt at Level 2 and I’ve got to say that I’m nothing but angry with myself…how did I fail in June 2008? I’ve checked the ‘search’ function but didn’t get an adequate answer for a few q’s relating to Schweser Pro so here goes: I didn’t use this piece of kit for 2008 so for those of you who are signed up already for the Qbank: - are there varying levels of question difficulty available or just one? - are ALL the q’s in vignette format, or just the more advanced ones? - how realistic are the self-built exams - are they vignette format? Thanks in advance for your help - I intend to become a regular on this board through to June 2009, going to break level 2 into tiny pieces since I was so close in 2008…gutted! K

why did you post the same thing 3 times under different headings?


yeah why you do that?

Hurry up already sublimity… :stuck_out_tongue:

No no…my job is kinda cushy so I have a bit of time on me hands. Wasn’t quite as regular on the forums during L1…now that I might just pass it(I hope!!!) thought of getting a bit more comfy. Cabins are boring…