Cant buy me loveeeee!!! saw this interesting clip. to the single dudes out there! do it for meeeeeeee

the women there are really beautiful.

anywayas its insane the gdp per capita there is 2.7k. and the median chick is hawt.

rack a million. make 100k on investments per year. retire there

spend 20k and live like a king as its almsot 10x the average local dude.

youd compound your wealth and bang hot chicks.

i hear if you go there in your 30s, youd have the pick of the litter.

cuz most millionaires dont hit their first mil until around 49.

when i am single, lets do an af conference someday?

Nery, you have done way more research on this topic than you should.

haha yea. sorry i was packing. taking my fiance to pechanga tomorrow. i am low key excited. they have an amazing pool and fantastic buffett. i shall be eating unlimited crabs my broski for 22 bucks. plus i am going to teach her how to play craps.


Ay mijo!!!