Can't decide, please help.

First time taking L2 and I’m wondering about my strategy on handling the exam on exam day. I know I will be tired going into the exam and I’m wondering if I should do the afternoon exam first, or do the morning exam first, followed by the aftenoon part? Confused. Please add some coments.

I would say go with the Morning Exam first, but I am not sure. Seems to be ambiguous.

Lol… I hope this is a joke…

if i were you, i would wait until the PM session and do it first. then i would ask for the morning session. that’s what i did last year and was very helpful

lots of trolls joining AF just before the exam.

Choose the take home option. All you have to do is fill in all A’s in the scantron for the morning section, this tells CFA you decided to use the take home exam option. Then when the exam ends, the proctors will see your scantron and give you the exam to take home with instructions.

The last time I did it, I asked for the afternoon test and they were kind enough to give it to me in the morning. Ask, it never hurts…also have someone video tape you when you do that, we want to see that on YouTube.