can't focus

Just found out I was admitted to Columbia Business School this morning, any haven’t been able to focus since then… Any suggestions?


Postpone your celebration until Saturday night.

I’m going to start celebrating at 4:45pm on Saturday…watch for a fist pump in Chicago testing center…

Nice! I got dinged there this year, so live it up a little extra for me.

Hmmm… start celebrating now, start celebrating Saturday night, and start celebrating at 4:45 PM Saturday, so many options. In any case, it looks like I’m going to be recovering from a hangover sometime within the next 3 to 4 days.

Congrats, DiMaggio! Columbia is a great school!

Nice work DiMaggio, but stay focused for a few more days. After all, you’re going to be pretty busy this time next year with school.

Would you say that you have broad shoulders? If so, I have just the girl for you.

Business School will be a cakewalk after the CFA process (assuming you can work well in a group and present to people). IMO, you’ll find the entire process of obtaining your MBA to be equiv. to one level of the CFA. Congrats.

SpongeBob, while MBA is not as difficult with regard to content or pressure, the difficulty is the scheduling of your time. The CFA is self study, so you can fit it in whenever. Especially for part time since you’re working as well, the time constraints are the hardest part. Full timers have it easy though…they leverage themselves to the hilt and party like crazy. Class gets in there somewhere I guess :slight_smile:

DiMag - what’s your background like (if you don’t mind me asking)

Congratulations, wow that must be really expensive!

Enjoy DiMaggio. B-school was 2 of the best years of my life. Just make sure you help out all those English majors with the core finance material.

My background is in consulting… and unfortunately, I have a girlfriend cfa2grunt.