Can't for the life of me understand Quant..

I’ve been reviewing Schweser for quants, watched video and read notes and Q-bank and I can’t understand it. And I’m not even on multiple regression yet. I don’t have an intuitive understanding of what is going on. Does anyone have any recommendations for resources that will give me a more tangible grasp of this material? I remember having this problem for Level 1 with some of hypothesis testing but it wasn’t so bad.

Whenever I find something i dont understand in the syllabus I do a google search for it and see if i understand the explanations there. If it is a tangible grasp / intuition you are looking for why not try to look on youtube…

Sometimes hearing the stuff as opposed to reading it may help…

If i remember correctly Quants dont really feature that heavily in the exam…so dont worry too much.

I suggest going to a local university and checking where people post on boards offering tutoring. or call the math dept. there are lots of masters and under grads that can help. Also read CFAI i think the book is pretty good. The material is not hard…mostly memorization. once you understand what is going on in simple linear regression multiple is cake. AR makes slight changes and you may want to skip all but high level of time series

quant is easy

Econometrics for level II is very, very easy.

Try to understand the basics.

if you do not feel comfortable with this topic, try to memorize the stuff, on the exam you will get no more than 2 item sets on econometrics.

Focus on more important topics. And the go back to econometrics if you have spare time.

Best wishes!

Try finquiz curriculum notes. They have squeezed the CFAI text. Easy to memorize and recall.

Try finquiz curriculum notes. They have squeezed the CFAI text. Easy to memorize and recall.

Try finquiz curriculum notes. They have squeezed the CFAI text. Easy to memorize and recall.

your case is 100% excatly to my case, just go to the following link:

Elan guides make my life easy with Quant. try it & U will be very happy. I promissed U man.

your case is 100% exactly to my case, just go to the following link:

Elan guides make my life easy with Quant. try it & U will be very happy. I promised U man.

I got less than 50 in Quants in level 1 last year. This is after putting double the effort. This time I thought why not put that effort in other passable areas and forget Quants altogether.

I think a rudimentary grasp of the regression concepts is still important though…some sections in L3 will refer to the basic interpretation of R-squared,coefficients ,etc…so I’d say for exam purposes leaving quants out is not completely damning but when you do have the heart/time why not read up some introductory concepts regardnig econometrics just to have a rounded knowledge.

I think correlation, covariance, standard deviation is important because being able to calculate those comes into play in the portfolio management section. I agree quants is fairly challenging, but I recommend you do the CFAI EOC questions. That’s probably not what you want to hear, but I think it’s the best way to cement the material.

Try to focus on understanding main concepts. That should be sufficient.

Thanks! I reviewed Schweser videos and notes a few times and did problems, and it’s helping, it’s getting clearer so I am hoping when I do another pass-through it will all mentally come together for me. There is still stuff that’s confusing, like when and why you use a t-stat vs chi, or the idea of “degrees of freedom” and why it changes. I don’t want to just memorize stuff, I want to understand the logic behind it.

Don’t read schweser. Go to CFAI text. Dear all of the stuff in CFA II is tough. And if you start leaving chapters it wont help. Multiple regression is the basic and if you cant tame it you next chapter will go down the drain . There are few core point. There are few core points: heteroskedasticity, serial correlation and multiple collinearity and ANOVA table. They seem complicated but actually easier. You just have to spend some more time and get rid of mental blockade.

I am quite avearge student and went through the same mental phase but overcame it. You are bound to get a case study on Multiple regression. Just be brave dear and if you can afford few bucks then take arifirfanullah video and it will come in only 40 dollars. It is really good. I have subscribed it and it is really helpful. He winds up 70 odd pages in just 1 hour and more importantly what to study, how much emphasis you have to give on particular topic and just what to skip( Which is more important to know) . I have passed level one because of his lectures and quite confident to crack Level 2.

So, go ahead. and tame the bull. If you need my help i am with you.

Note: I am not all have any conflict of interest in proposing his name. It is just my recommendation) .Click on

Dear Belal,

Do you have finquz notes. How is the quality? Can you share it?

I’m the resident quant retard on this forum. That level 2 section is tough and they will undoubtedly ask you questions that will undoubtedly unravel you if you are not very familiar with how all this stuff works and why you are using it. I failed it. There is tons of detail. You want to make sure you get about 50 percent of it. So hit the layups. Don’t worry about getting them all right.

If it is new to you, as it was to me, then you really need to just focus on doing lots and lots of problems and individually looking at what all the equations are doing, not just trying to memorize them. That only really comes with applying them in actual questions. The exam questions will be a little different then the schweser ones so really spend time trying to understand what the big picture is on each topic you are studying.

Think about what an ANOVA table tells you about a regression. What things like R2 mean when you are trying to interpret statistics. Practice, Practice, Practice.

This was my favorite section of Level 2 and by far the hardest for me to master, well I didn’t actually master it. But I now use these tools when I approach just about any problem. Stats are actually very interesting to me now.

For the exam it will be small. If you can be strong elsewhere it won’t make or break you. If you do not have lots of time then you are much better off mastering (I do mean mastering) Equity, Ethics, FINRA, and FI. If you can pass those four things you will probably pass the exam ceterus paribus.

Getting above an 80 on any section is pretty damn tough, but you really want to make sure that you are scoring about that much on those four key sections. Because there is a ton of overlap between them (except for ethics), if you are well prepared, in general for all four of these sections you should score just fine on all of them.

You can look at the exam results threads and see for yourself. I bet you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who passes: ethics, equity, fixed income, and Finra who doesn’t get the congratulations email.