Cant get my foot in the door

I have always wanted to be a financial analyst But dispite the fact that I am an MBA I keeo on getting passed over do you guys have any tips on how to get more interview?

Better attention to detail and communication skills?

maybe your resume has a lot of spelling errors

You should be a FUNancial analyst - much better chance of getting interviews.

i think be conman great prospect job

There is no magical solution. Find every company in the area (s) you want to work in and contact everyone you can in those companies. It’s a numbers game.

One thing that drives me absolutely nuts- do not but MBA after your name. Basically everyone that is admitted to an MBA program finishes. Nothing sacred about this.

^ It has become a scary trend. Makes you wonder who is advising these people.

Lol i get this allot

conman is simply a nick name I was givin to me in highschool and carryed through collage because My first name is Connor

why is it bad to be an MBA?

It’s not bad to have an MBA, it just looks insanely stupid to have it after your name like “Mr. Conman89, MBA”

try smaller firms, think, less than 10 people. That’s the only way I was able to get my foot in the door, especially since I did not have a degree in finance or accounting. Met wtih with the firm owner himself and convinced him to give me a shot.

I dont put it behind my name i simply list it as education in my resume

FYI I am also going to get my CFA or CAIA having trouble deciding which I want

ok thanks There arnt allot of firms like that in my area but I will look

agreed. It’s also worse when it’s from a Tier 3 school

WTF? Did you seriously spell “carried” as “carryed” and “college” as “collage”? Those aren’t even acceptable internet slang or alternate spellings. So where’s your MBA from? If your spelling is any indication, your MBA is likely not valued enough to employers because of the school you got it from.

Something tells me that being a con-man might be a more lucrative career for you than writing equity research reports.

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Yeah sorry about that I was still a little buzzed from St. Patrick’s day activities when I wrote that.

^ I still haven’t recovered yet. It’s tougher the older you get.