Can't get over the silly mistakes I made at the exam. Anyone else is feeling the same?

I have managed to count 6 mistakes that I made during the exam which could have been avoided should i have paid more attention to the exam question. I am so annoyed myself, and it is really frustrating me.

I went confident to the exam, however found my self making around 20 educated guesses on the morning seesion and so far I have noticed that I made 6 mistakes which were all due to not reading the question properly or miscalculations.

I will really get annoyed if I fail the exam on a band 10, cause then i will know for a fact that I could have passed have I paid more attention to the questions.

My opinion about the exam?

found the morning session somewhat more difficult and wasn’t really happy with my performance! Afternoon session increased my confidence by quite alot as I did alot better on the afternoon session.

Overall I feel neutral. Not confident that I will fail or pass at all.Very difficult to say. although as mentioned earlier I still can’t get over the number of silly mistakes I made which could have been avoided. Hope I don’t see the band 10 on my email in 7 weeks time.

I feel the same way! Morning session killed me but the afternoon session made me feel more confident. In the morning I actually panicked for about 20 minutes and couldn’t read any of the questions. Super bummed about that – text-taking anxiety was never a problem for me until this exam.

After the exam I looked some stuff up… There was one question in particular that was really easy but I went back and changed it… then I checked the answer after the exam and sure enough I had it right before I over though it. After that I stopped checking sad

I’m also neutral. No idea.

All I know is that the next 7 weeks are going to be hell. Really hope I passed.

How do you know you made silly mistakes. Did you go home and look up the answers to some of the questions your remembered?

For some reason, I didn’t do that, though I usually would. I guess I felt its better not knowing.

Everyone makes those mistakes. As a ball park estimate, a 75% is probably a very comfortable passing score, meaning you can miss 60 questions and still pass by a good margin. Go have fun, stop worrying about this test. If you studied as hard as you are analyzing this exam now (and I’m betting you probably did) you should have nothing to worry about. Everyone has these doubts, no matter how well they did. Best of luck to you.