cant learn anymore

I was studying SS16 and realized that I cant read or learn anymore. So I think I will just pass on 16-17 and just do practice exams. If questions come from those sections I will learn them only. What % of exam are they anyway. GIPS, I will read them about 2 days b4 the exam.

they will each account for one item set or less each. that’s not official, but if you do the math, there is just “too much good stuff” for them to fit into the test to heavily test some of the smaller topics. i would not skip either. SS 17 especially is easy points.

yeah those 2 SS are a b!$%h …but the benhcmark stuff does not seem too bad

OK. SS 17 is currency stuff. I think its been covered thru the L3 curriculum like 999,932 times. So it wont be hard I think. But seriously now I cant take that performance attribution stuff.