Can't register for 2010 HELP!

Guys I just passed level 1, Once I am here and click Access the “CFA Program Exam Registration” link for your level or Complete the online application it takes me to access your account page… where I can update my profile, view customer service etc…I can’t see where to register! help!

it means you failed and by mistake they told you that you passed. this has happened to thousands before you. sorry dude.


why are you laffing?

The only people I know having an issue are those who took the test in Sao Paulo. Apparently, because there was a problem with the lights at the test center, these candidates are being reviewed for score accuracy.

My condolences man, hope you pass in December.

I heard that the proctors in Sao Paulo were kind of surprised by the large number of Brazilians that walked into the exam dribbling soccer balls (apparently, even girls were doing headers right up until 9am). They were unprepared, and as a result, probably explains why they are reviewing those tests again. Don’t worry dude, it will all be cleared up soon.

Wow… That is not fair at all, I swear we stopped with the footballs at a quarter to 9!

Maybe U did not fill up the CFA institutes survey…this could be their way of getting back.