Cant Remember! Should i panic?

hey people. i’ve just finished doing economics a week earlier than i expected so i decided to review all that i have done so far. thing is, when i was doing a reading or study session, i’d pass the review questions at the end of topic. now though i can barely remember a thing. though after looking at the solutions, it comes back to me. so… should i be panicking that i cant remember or should it all come back when i begin my overall review? i’m on course to finish about 4weeks to exam date so that should give me plenty time for review.

Nah, don’t panic. This is where repetition will help. Include in your weekly studying a little time for reviewing parts of what you studied in the prior week(s)…you’ll find that after hitting things like Econ a few times, it will just come naturally.

“Include in your weekly studying a little time for reviewing parts of what you studied in the prior week(s)” great advice. thanks a lot! i’ll start doing that from now…

It’s easier to relearn something than to learn initially. After you finish all of the material, you will begin to bomb practice exams. Believe me, that can be stressful. Just try to learn everything well the first time so that relearning it during the final 4 weeks is easier. Also, I recommend taking the last week off from work before the exam for one last review. It’s not the time to panic. All you can do is continue to work hard.

I’m sure your life experience has taught you that panic and pure chaos solves every problem you run into.

^^^ LMAO! i’ve actually taken three weeks off before the exam for review. a lot of people fail, i dont wanna be one of them. it may be overkill but i’m cool with it. i’ll use a hammer to kill a fly! at my centre, last year only 11 out of about 300 who sat L1 passed! as Jensen said, all we can do is continue to work hard. thanks for all the advice, much appreciated.

I find that doing Schweser QBank problems on every study session I’ve done so far, after each new one, helps me retain what I’ve learned