can't remember?

so so many qualitative stuff, lots of list, comparison, definition, blah … how can you guys remember them? after a day’s work, when I tries to crack some questions in the evening, can’t fxxking recall a thing!

Same problem here. No way around aside from brute memorization. Atleast that’s my plan.

Like L1 and L2, I’m pretty sure it will all start to come together in the last few weeks. Don’t panic.

thanks newsuper. but I was able to hit above 70% steadily for level 2 since mid April last year. I can only hit 60% now for l3 (apart from chaos memory, I am quite harsh on my own scoring for AM sessions …). But I doubt I will hit 70% in April now and it is so much easier to guess for question set than writing stuff, lol hope it all comes together as time goes by. 10 wks to go