Can't seem to get FSA over 70%? Any tips

I seem to do well in the other sections, Ethics, Quant, Corp Finance, Equity, etc. But I just can’t seem to get above a 70% in FSA for the life of me. It seems to just be a ton of memorization, and I just can’t get it down! Any tips for scoring above a 70% in FSA and how to better study for it?

I’m having trouble with FSA too. I think you have to focus on understanding the formulas and not just memorizing them. Gonna go over as many practice questions as possible for the sections i’m not scoring well on.

I think the problem with FSA is they try to teach the concepts without showing any journal entries. What specific topics are giving you the most trouble? If its deferred taxes try learning these concepts through an intermediate accounting book, it will only take you a couple hours to understand it more clearly.

My problem is also the same… Also my speed is preety less while solving the FSA questions… its taking more than 2 mins to solve a question… Any suggestion to improve it …