if balance sheet increase net PPE by 1,000 but there are assets sold during the period, the capex - depreciation is 1,000 or you have to add back the sale?

only go by Change in net ppe + depreciation because the net ppe should reflect the sale. That’s my gut instinct but please, if someone knows better I’d love to get corrected.

Ending Net = Beginning Net - Depreciation + Purchases - BOOK value of assets sold

CapEx will be Purchases - sale proceeds of any assets sold. So if they sell assets (and have a gain or loss) you need to make sure to either look for info regarding the gain/loss in the vignette or in CFI

OK, so to be clear. Let’s say net ppe 2010 is 1000 and net ppe 2011 is 1200. Depreciation is 300 and assets of BV 100 is sold for 150. What is cap ex?

1200-1000+300-50(gain) = 450?

should be 1200-1000+300+100= capex is 600 since you sold your bv of 100