CAPIQ Vs. Eikon

Hello all,

Which platform is better and why? Is it a no-contest that one blows the other out of the water?

Currently using CAPIQ and am really happy with it but due to some organizational changes we are thinking of switching.


as a side question, I have been meaning to ask, how do professional platforms differ from retail trading platforms. I use “think or swim” and I can’t imagine what more you could be able to do. Is it simply paying for access to faster news feed?

The professional platforms cost +20k per year. So the cost alone tells you that it can do a lot more.

Without going into too much detail one example is downloading company financials as presented or pulling data from the provider into excel using a provider plugin an excel formula…

ciq all day

i like CIQ a lot. I’ve only played with Eikon but it seems too clunky and a bloomberg-wannabe (this was a while ago so it might have changed)

Going to stick with CIQ. I waited 30 minutes one day for a help desk rep. Also there is no data flow with the excel formulas…

I love CIQ, don’t have it at my current shop though. If only I could justify a subscription at home…

CIQ fo dayzzz

There actually is no other platform imo. CapIQ is intuitive, relatively affordable, and has about 90% of what a power user would want, which is more than any of the other offerings can boast. Bloomberg is archaic and virtually unusable. Factset is a worse CapIQ at a higher price. Eikon isn’t even in the discussion.

I’m constantly impressed and amazed that people still use the “Tron Terminal,” formally known as Bloomberg. Come on guys, the 80s ended a while ago.