Capital assets

How do we solve this?

Tough to read: is it supposed to be -50 at time 0, +100 at time, 0 at time 2 and -50 at time 3??? :roll_eyes:

Assuming the above, since the sign of the cumulative CF changes more than once, then you know you will have multiple IRRs. Also, since the CFs sum to 0, I=0 works. On the BAII

CF0 -50 C01 100 F01 1 C02 0 F02 1 C03 -0 IRR CPT I 0 :man_facepalming:

So you hafta go to the NPV worksheet:

I 32 CPT NPV 4.018 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
i 62 CPT NPV -0.03208 :white_check_mark:

Not the world’s greatest question.

Yes the question was tough to get, most data types question here are shown like these so I try my best to figure out myself and work on it.
You do have the right format on the data, thanks for solving

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