Capture the flag

… the “He Will Not Divide Us” flag. Someone posted about this in one of the watercooler threads but I found a video about it, crazy!!! :open_mouth:


Can someone explain the background story on this?

Open source intelligence is powerful (and the future).


Shia lebouf said he was gonna have a live stream of this “he will not divide us” flag for the term of trumps presidency. Some autists on 4chan took up the challenge of finding it. They looked at flight patterns and sunset times and stalking him on social media and star locations and shit to figure out where it was then took it down once, then again at another location where he put another up, each time replacing the flag with a “make america great again” hat. They did the last one in 38 hours, which is pretty increidble.

Its actually pretty incredible what a bunch of unemployed autists can do when they put their minds to it.

4chan guys never fail, rip bikelock bandito

“members of [the website] 4chan…sift[ed] through hours of video footage and hundreds of photographs of the protests to identify the masked attacker."

Wow. Troll level 99. I applaud, especially since it was directed at Shia.

WaterCooler, we really need to step our game up…

We all need to join forces, even the trolls, to find long and short ideas. WC activist investing.

Short: energy.

Zero point energy coming soon.