Career Advice (CFA, MSc, MBA)

I know this sort of topic would have been dealt with before here, but i believe this is a bit unique. I would like some advice with my career please. I am presently working as a software developer which i hate and i think i can do better and more fulfilling work in the financial services. Since my undergrad school 2years ago in computing, i have been working in one of the big 4 as a programmer and i am finding it diff to move away from IT into Investment Banking. In other to facilitate a quick move to IB, i have enrolled for L1 CFA and 'am wondering how this will help in securing IB job. Also i am contemplating a Masters programme for 2008/09. Would you advice Msc(MSc in Finance) or an MBA for 2008/09. Please the reasons for your choice. As a CFA candidate, do you think am better off not doing any of the above Masters program and sit out my CFA exams for the nxt 2yrs. Your advice will be deeply appreciated. Thanks Webtwister1