Career Advice for a college student wanting to work in Japan

So I am studying abroad for a year at a prestigious school in Tokyo (comparable to an Ivy in the States), and ideally I would like to get an analyst role in Tokyo and study for the CFA exams. If, for some reason, I am not able to get a job as an analyst what would be the best career move? I really want to move to Tokyo after I graduate with my BS in Finance and Accounting so getting a CPA would be out. Should I go directly into F500 company? Any advice would be appreciated…

Do you speak Japanese?

Yes quite fluently… I am a Japanese-American lol

I love Tokyo! Ginza and Roppongi most of all. With so much vibe and energy I don’t think I can study there :-)))

japped187 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yes quite fluently… I am a Japanese-American lol That will be a big plus. Japan now has population decline problem. They are now very welcome to foreigners with Japanese descent to come and work. Good luck!

I am sure someone like you would be valued in Japan. Good luck. However, if you stick to “analyst” position title, it might be a bit different. Try to find so-called “OB” (alumni, for non-Japanese speakers) from your university in the industry and contact them. If they are like what they were when I was in Japan, “Gakubatsu” (I am not sure what is the appropiate translation…almni network at particular company?) is strong force. I would imagine you would get some offers, provided they are willing to sponsor your visa. If for some reason you did not like your offers on the table, and if moving to Japan is your priority over being analyst, then yeah, getting a job at big company which has Japan office/subsidiary sounds like good idea. Top tier MBA works, too. It is interesting how peple are different. I could not stand Tokyo. Sure, I can understand why people love that city, but I hated commute by packed train, seniority system, rainy season, humid summer and gigantic cockroaches among others. If I ever go back, I would want to live somewhere else. Sapporo, Fukuoka, Sendai or Nagano would be better. Of course, finance jobs are not abandunt in those cities… Anyway, good luck again. They could certainly use young talent with global perspective.

Does anyone hire non-japanese speakers who are willing to learn? I’ve been all over Asia and I love the region. I’d love to work there; it’s just that I can’t understand anyone.

If you don’t speak Japanese, then you need to work for some big i-bank. I had a friend who worked for GS in Japan for two years. While there, she never learned any Japanese. But she is a stat PhD doing some quant jobs, so I guess Japanese is not necessary.