Career Advice: Investment Specialist Or Client Relationship Manager? (in Asset Management)

Hi guys, first time posting here.

Need you guys’ kind advice. I currently work at one of the largest European AM as a client relationship manager (sales team), managing several key accounts. It’s a new role for me, as i only worked here for ~6 months (previously i was a sell side analyst). One of the key reasons i accepted this role was the boss; a typical nice & professional person everybody loved. However, she is leaving the company soon (she already with the company for 10 years). She hence recommended me to join the investment team as the investment specialist (a hybrid role liaising investment & sales team), as uncertainty linger on new person replacing her. Below is the pro-cons i listed myself.

Client relationship manager:

  • Performance -> bonus. I don’t need to worry of other things, as my key KPI is AUM.
  • I excel at it. My clients are highly satisfied with my service and i successfully bring-in sizable AUM to my company. My bonus for this year would be notably sizable if i stay at this role (the company recorded almost x2 net profit in Q1).
  • Extensive travelling! I’m still young and LOVE to travel a lot. One time i extended my out-region stay to have my own vacation.
  • Extensive entertainment! I have sizable budget to entertain clients, hence countless resto/bar hopping before the pandemic lol.


  • I report to a associate director level.
  • Limited career path? (please advice!)
  • Little reach to the sell-side world (sometimes i miss the sell-side nuances)

Investment specialist:

  • I report directly to the investment director (an upgrade than before; is it a promotion? please advice!)
  • Larger salary
  • I have better reach to the sell-side world (i liaise with portfolio managers on day to day basis, which frequently include sell-side analysts)
  • Better career path? (please advice!)


  • The performance metrics were more complicated compared to the other role. Key KPI no longer AUM.
  • Boring job, i hate doing all the write-up and research reports again
  • Lesser travelling and entertainment.

I have no direct relatives or friends to consult according this matter. Please kindly give you guys’ career advice. My best gratitude.