Career advice needed

Hello everyone: I am going to present a very tough case for people in this forum: My backgound: 1.Msc in chemistry 2.two year experience as a chemical analyst 3.just finished CFA level I exam Reason to change career: financial analysis is more challenging and rewarding than chemical analysis Qestions: 1. what position should I look for? 2. how do I prepare my resume? 3. how do get a job in finance industry? I found people here are really smart and supportive and I look forward to your replys. Thanks in advance!

Don’t think that this is a tough case… 1. Logical -> Ibanker in a chemicals group or equity research analyst covering that industry. However given you are not really entrenched in the industry, may be possible to start in different groups 2. could you be more specific? 3. ditto… i think the reverse actually, chemicals analysis would be much more challenging for me than financial analysis. really… all bankers do all day is ask “what’s the EV/EBITDA multiple”

Thanks for the reply, myzegna. By question 2, I mean how do I construct my resume. My only finance related background is the CFA I exam. I just feel that I got nothing to put on my resume. It’s like you want to make a hamburg but don’t have the steak. I just have no idea how and where to start my job-searching process.