career advice please - random current job

Greetings Its friday night in NYC, so whats a recently passed LII-er supposed to do, but wax anxious about career paths and moneys!? here is the deal. i have kind of a random background. a few years as pension actuary (consulting), few years in exec comp of all places. was working for a financial services firm when I started the CFA madness, am now at a fortune 100. plugging away. at exec comp. whats a girl to do?! i was thinking if maybe I could do something exec comp and banking related. no such thing, you say? i wasnt sure, but i attended a thingy where a guy from JP spoke, and he was at some kind of M&A AND exec comp function, where (i think) he was involved in helping to negotiate exec settlements / transitions in M&A situations. that sure does sound interesting! i kinda think I’m in a fish-or-cut-bait situation. I can either stick with what I do (pay is quite decent) or I can attempt to jump to a mid-office role, maybe. maybe audit? maybe control? maybe corp finance? any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated.

I thought the girls would be out on a friday night… being chased by guys trying to show off their lineage or job positions. It’s tough shooting for those rare openings. The job openings are still very bleak. Back office nearly always have openings though and you may find something more investment related to be useful combined with the CFA.

i haven’t heard of 3rd party consulting firms with this function (as you’ve mentioned), but definately in some of the larger more-acquisitive firms. Eg. Microsoft has an internal M&A team that assists with transitions of recent acuisitions/divestitures, including deciding incoming executive comp. a buddy of mine did this for a while before switching to a boutique.