career advice please!

For those of you who have been in the industry for quite some time, when starting off, how did you know which part of Finance you wanted to go into? I’ll be finishing up my MSF degree by the end of this year, plus taking L1 this June. Prior work experience (a total of 3 years) in consumer banking and fixed income, and ready to switch up things a bit. I purposely chose my current job to be not too demanding since i’m going to school, and now will be ready to challenge myself with some new tasks since school will be over soon. anyone recommend a good way to research what types of job functions are out there? i can definitely rule out financial advisors (sales goal-driven), or anything related to stock picking (quite risk averse), though. Thanks!!!

try informational interviews, also vault has guides to various finance careers. I can’t speak for anyone else, but it’s not always possible to know what area you want to go into before you get into it… be prepared to do some readjusting periodically (can’t execute a “set and forget” strategy for your career!) sometimes, a job with challenges, upward mobility and a great mentor/boss >> an area you’d like to work in, but the field is full of douchebags and backstabbing. So, lots of things to consider! Personally, I didn’t have a choice when I started out and landed in corporate treasury, which in retrospect was not a bad place to start from.