career advice please

my current position is in BO. my company seems ready to offer me more of a front office type of role. But this position is not what I really want to do, though it is more analytical. I’ve been at my current position for about a year. My ultimate goal is to move into investment management. I was planning on searching heavily for a new position after L1. I just don’t want to accept this new position if I plan on leaving in 9 months or so for fear it will look bad on my resume. What do you guys think?

working for 9 months and leaving ? why looking bad ? Changing jobs doesnt look bad on ur CV. It suggests greater experience. U can always say u resigned for a better salary.

Taking a different, better position within your company is not going to look bad, no matter how quickly you move on to something else. Promotions will only look good.

I thought moving too much brands you as a “job hopper,” which employers do not like. After graduating college, I had a job for 1 year, and now I’ve had this job for about a year. I can take this new position, but I know I would want to leave in under a year (which would make my stay at this company a little under 2 years). This is fine? That’s good to hear… I guess I’m being paranoid. What if my new supervisor/manager gets ticked off that I left so quick and gives me a crappy reference…