career advice - real estate fund management


I spent the last two years working for an alternative investment firm, and especially liked real estate. So i decided to go back to school (MSc Real Estate Investment at Cass Business School). Starting this September.

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do on the side? (apart from CAIA of course). Would becoming Argus certified? Will CAIA make a real difference?

Any advice on how to give my CV a boost would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I am an investment analyst/associate at a real estate private equity firm currently. I would say that the CFA will not significantly impact your career in real estate. The game is more about networks, your ability with people (can you close deals?), etc. - the ‘technical’ side is fairly straightforward. There are a number of ex-bankers and asset management guys in this space who recognise the CFA though and may see it as a signal that the guy is dedicated, but again, not so much relevance in the real estate space.

As for CAIA, FRM, etc. - no, these would more than likely be a waste of time if your purpose is to improve your CV.

The best thing you can be doing to enhance your career in real estate investment would be networking.

PS: The jury is out on RICS - I don’t know whether to recommend or not. I would say helpful if you are clearly a strong numbers guy, it shows your commitment to real estate. However, would not recommend if you are coming from the brokerage/agency side - you will likely further brand yourself asa broker/agent by obtaining the RICS certification and that mayhurt your chances when trying to transition into a fund on the investments side (fine if you are doing asset management).