Career Advice - Should I take this position?

Guys, long time reader first time poster here. Thank you all for the advice and encouragements posted here so far. It’s going to be a little lengthy but I am at a crossroads trying to decide what to do with an offer I received, and can really use some input from the forum so I appreciate it in advance.

I am currently not in investments, but in a similar fundamental research role where I have the opportunity to interview publicly traded c-level executives all over the U.S. It shares a lot of the same responsibilites as a equity/credit research associate, except the valuation is for the purpose of determining the credit worthiness of the firm over 1-2 years, rather than trying to valuate the security over a shorter period of time (next quarter or less for equity, varies for fixed income). Of course the market timing aspect is also not a commonality.

I have been actively trying/ patiently waiting for a long time to make the switch into investments and after passing CFA level 2 this August, I finally kicked in gear, started cold-contacting countless alumni in the industry and finally was offered the position below at a growing MM IB firm.

Only problem is that the equity research associate role covers the regional banks (think BBT, RF, PNC) and I am not sure how prestigious covering this sector is, and that I would have to relocate to Chicago where I do not know a soul. I am wondering with the hiring season in September approaching, if I should hold off for an opportunity in Boston or New York where I would be much more comfortable. At the same time, I do not have other offers on the table, and don’t want to miss out. Briefly my qualification is non-target (top 25 U.S. undergrad b-school), cum laude, and operations internships at Fidelity, co-founding a company in college, and asset management intern at a very small financial planning shop. Any constructive/logical inputs would be appreciated. Thanks again.

Take it. It’s the foot in the door that can help you move to other better opportunities

Agree with Iteracom. Congrats on getting your foot in the door. Recognize the opportunity and go for it.

Dude take it. Foot in the door with good experience and Chicago is a very nice city.

Look like a great opportunity. You will have plenty of options in Chicago as you gain more experience.

+1 to all above. You can work your way up the sectors.

Sounds good. Chicago is not exactly the boondocks either. The fall hiring season is enticing, but the job market is very competive right now, and a bird in hand…

i envy you…what city are u in right now?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I agree and have solidified. Getting the foot in the door is all I ever wanted, a chance to prove myself. I will be able to finish out level 3 and gain industry experience for the next couple of years before my MBA (top 5… talk about another challenge down the horizon). Couldn’t ask for more. I felt like giving up so many times, but this forum, along with other support I had, have been truly incredible. If it is any motivation to the job seekers out there, I don’t think I’m particularly smart or innately more intuitive than others, but everyday I worked on something that would better my chances and differentiate myself. Tenacity is everything. Thanks again.

Pdub… I’m just outside of Boston right now.

+1,000,000, people asking how to break into ER/AM/etc, please take note. Good luck skwak, keep us posted.