Career Advice

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to pick the brains of more experienced users here, and hopefully get a few tips on what I can do better.

Currently I am in a back office role that is very unrelated to the CFA designation, I have been here over a year. Ever since last year, when I passed my CFA level 3 exam I have been trying to find any employment that would be more sellable for future roles or perhaps a decent MBA. Unfortunately, I have not been getting interviews or calls back and understandably so many employers don’t want to provide feedback for legal reasons.

Ideally I would want certain entry level roles so I can learn more, but I find it even harder to get these type of positions as they are often reserved for new graduates.

Is there any advice you would recommend to better my career search?

Welcome to Toronto. The biggest issue is that everyone is so educated and competes for very few jobs.

You need to get out of ops at all costs, start setting up coffees, start expanding your network. Search for an out of ops like your life depends on it, because your future does.

The level 3 candidate beside me at the exam hung drywall for a living.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

  1. Have someone good review your resume.

  2. Cold calling and networking. Shamelessly ask everyone you know to introduce you to their friends.

  3. Find out exactly when new positions come on the market, and submit your application before they hit job listing websites.

  4. Self improvement.

  5. Move out of Toronto.

Didnt know it was that bad in Toronto. I think the coffee idea sounds pretty good, I just feel like everyone is doing that now. Any tips on how to differentiate yourself over others?

I believe him. seriously.

There are still many people who believe passing CFA exams will magically open the doors to a high pay finance career managing lots of money

Well I don’t doubt the veracity of the story, or your comment either (agreed completely), I’ve met plenty of tellers, etc who have completed the exams but still haven’t gotten ‘in’ yet. Dry-walling is probably the most far out of the ball park profession I’ve heard from a L3 candidate though.