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I am trying to get into investments, but am having trouble (I attribute it to lack of experience). My question: Should I keep trying to find a job in investments, or try to find a different job? My background: I have an MBA from a state school (graduated top 10% of my class). My MBA focus was finance and I had special experience in a student managed investment fund where we managed $750k of the university endowment. I failed level 2 in June :(, but have already signed up for it again. My undergraduate degree was in management and my GPA was average at best. I have virtually zero work experience. I know that is terrible, trust me. I have been searching for a job in investments (equity analyst positions as this is my ultimate goal) since june (4 1/2 months!). Should I call it quits and look for another career path until I can complete the CFA, or keep on searching for the analyst position. If I were to search for another position, then what position would I be qualified for that would help me get an analyst position down the road? Thanks in advance

I really don’t want to be a broker, but would that be decent experience until I can finish my CFA?

I don’t know where you located and/or applying but the Bulge Bracket has been writing off $Billions. To what extent that is spilling over to their hiring practice, I do not know but it has to have some effect. At a minimum you may have the same # of applicants for less positions. If you’re really set on being an analyst your best bet might be to get in at a Mutual Fund company or something like that. I wouldn’t give up.

I still haven’t given up on my dream of being a big league pitcher, and my fastball tops out on a good day in the low to mid 60s.

^ are you equating his skill as an equity analyst with your pitching abilities?

no i was just reiterating BOMC’s point about not giving up

If you need a job to pay bills, I agree that working short-term as a broker would be good. My view would be your school background isn’t what it could be, compared to if you had a year of experience, however crappy it may be, while you made sure you passed LII. Good things never come easy at first.