Career Advice

Hey all, I would like you to give me a piece of advice regarding my career. Background : 25 year old French man Graduated in 2010 from a French Business School Passed CFA Level 1 in December 2010 and CFA Level II in June 2011. Work experience : 2008 : 6 months internship on trading floor in Paris - Bond and credit derivatives market (Major French Bank) 2009 : 8 months internship on trading floor in NY - Equity Derivatives (Major French Bank) 2010/2011 : Full time position as a risk analyst in Paris (French broker) 2011/ ? : Full time position as a Performance Analyst in Paris (Major European Bank) My medium term goal is to work as a Portfolio manager or on trading floor (Trading, sales, broker). Hopefully I will pass CFA Level III exam and could get the Charter in 2014. I am interested in working outside of France (USA, Australia or Asia). What should I do to optimize the odds ? I may consider a MBA in 3 or 4 years but I would really like to be accepted in a top 10. What should I do starting now to enhance my future application ?