Career Advice

I wanted to hear everyone’s feedback about my background information and where you believe I need improvement in order to break into asset management. I graduated as a double major in business administration and finance from a not well known business school. I graduated with the highest gpa in my major and was recognize for it (gpa was still only 3.63). During my college years I had an extensive internship in a property casualty insurance company where I rack up well over 1000 hrs. This role was an accounting/consolidations position. I now work in a Financial Leadership rotational program for a fortune 50 company. The program is 2 years long ( I’ve been here for about 8 months). This program involves various roles in corporate finance, but none falling under the asset management field or any time which can be consider CFA experience. I am a level 1 candidate and plan to take the exam in December. What other background, skills, etc should I be doing now to signify myself as a desirable candidate for job placements?? Thanks for your insight.

Well you certainly have decent work experience, which is better than some other recent posts on here wanting an ER or AM job with nothing real to offer. Your no-name bus school will be a big hindrance. but I think you are on the right track for now.

Easy, peasy, finish up the 2 year program, knock out 2 levels of the CFA, get some volunteer/ military experience for the year after you finish, and then apply to B-School and go for M7

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