Career Advice


I am currently struggeling with my next career steps and would be grateful for some advice. I am about to finish my PhD studies in the field of finance and banking and see myself in asset management and also investment banking. I received an offer by the german federal bank (Bundesbank) for a trainee position. By the end of the trainee programme I would be about 33 years old. Do you think it would be too late to start a career at Goldman, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley etc. at that time, given I haven’t had any work experience (i.e. internships) with these type of firms? Dou you think they would consider the time spent at the german federal bank as a valuable asset for them?

One more question: What do you think my chances are now to get into an associate’s program with those firms without having an internship but with having a PhD and passed CFA level I?

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your thoughts.

Not too late if you’re phd. I’m sure they are rare and certain areas in the bank would want people with such credentials.

plus as far as I’m aware in Germany people start much later, so being 33 is not as old as say in the states.

I’d do some research around where having a phd is a requirement and target those positions in the banks.