career advise

Hi guys, I am trying to make a career decision A 60 hrs/week, a little better pay, a well known wall street IB, but in their operation dep, entering data all day B 35 hrs/week, a little less pay, a local brokerage firm, bond trader. Could you help me choose? Please

what is your long term goal. trading will set you up for AM down the road, ops, less chance of getting into front office gig. 35 hrs sounds too light, is that for real?

Hands down A because you get a little better pay.

Hands down A because you get to enter data all day!

Work out your hourly rate and then weight it according to soft benefits. What is more valuable to you? Chance to earn stupid money with a bunch of depressed sociopaths? Go for A!

I’d go for B. Will look better on your resume 5 years from now.

exit ops AND work-life balance? find a roommate and a pick up a shift at WMT stocking shelves. go for B

I personaly would try to figure out what will bring you the most long-term, then choose that. I assume you are at the beginning of your career ? The most important is what you take with you to the interview for your next job in a couple/few years from now.

B - if you succeed the bouns will easily make the pay gap. Plus sales/traders have many more perks.