Career change and CFA

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I will briefly explain you my situation and hope you can give me some good advices:

I graduated in engineering in 2006, I worked as an engineer for 4 years and in 2010 i decided to start a graduate diploma in finance (fast track conversion course) with the final purpose to start a career in investment banking. I didn’t do a Master because i didn’t have the money for it…

2010 was a bad year to find a job and i had to accept a job in insurance hoping to develop some skills I could transfer to the investment sector. I am 32 and It’s now a bit more tha 4 years that i am working in insurance and i don’t really like it so, it’s time to stick with the original plan and move on.

I passed the CFA L1 in june on my first try and I am now a CFA L2 candidate but after few applications, and “chats” they keep saying that they need to find a sector that fits with my previous expereience…quite frustrating looks like banks don’t hire you unless you are doing exactly the job you are applying for in a different company.

Why is HR so blind??? As an engineer i had exposure to negotiations with institutional clients, I was developing mathematical models and managing projects whereas in insurance I am technically supporting the front office, analyse companies (risk) and again, develop models…why am i struggling with my expereicne and qualification to break in?

Do you have any advice? What kind of poistion you, in my shoes, would apply for? How would yo market yourself?

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You have a bachelors degree and have experience in insurance. Are you really suprised you’re not treated like an All-Star IB?

My advice is to network, network, network. This will take some time. Talk to everyone in the industry you can about the position you are looking for. Find out who the hiring managers are and get to know them. Tell them Sell them your story. When/if a position opens up, then you may become a candidate.

And also leverage from your industry experience. An engineer with industry experience is something pretty normal for finance roles focused on that industry.

My best advice, though, is BE REALISTIC. Don’t apply to BB Banks for IB positions because you will not get them, neither for PE funds or for Fidelity. Focus on the things that you would realistically be able to get.

I see…it looks you don’t get anything unless you spend £40k in a master. CFA I am afraid, in spite is a good qualification, won’t help much… quite depressing.

thanks, this is what i am doing. Passing through HR is always difficult because you have to apply with other hundreds having “credentials” better than mine…if i manage to let people know me (and not only for my cv or name of the school i went to)it may be easier with the CFA to get there…

there are some Head of… with just a Bachelor

You mean apply for middle office and then work my way through front office once i manage to get in?

he means non-related industry changer with no MBA

Now I see :slight_smile:

Hi, i am in the same situation as you. My idea is to start doing equity research on my own time and join it to my application. I am also thinking about opening a blog but not sure whether i will have enough time to keep it up to date.