Career change - Australia

I have been working as a financial adviser in Perth for almost 10 years. Have my own practice. The practice is going well but the job itself isn’t very enjoyable anymore. 90% of my time seems to be going towards admin and compliance and barely any towards investment planning and strategy which is what I actually want to do. Costs of PI and other expenses constantly going up and it’s just becoming very stressful.
I’m thinking of a career change and to sell the business and try and get into portfolio management.
Initial thoughts are:

  • Sell the practice
    -Take a couple years off to do the CFA
    -Apply for internship/work experience in fund management and slowly make my way up

Any suggestions from you experienced people?

Also, anyone in Perth know of what scope there is in portfolio management in Perth or where I should be looking for work experience? I would be more comfortable leaving the current job if I had something lined up.