Career change from Transfer pricing tips

Hi all,

Well Im a charterholder and most of my work experience is working in transfer pricing. Basically, I really am not a big fan of TP and I really want to get out of it.

Most people dont know what it is really, but anyway most of my experience has been working on transactions (intercompany transactions of course) doing valuations of companies and intanibles etc, as well as a lot of debt advisory, advising on capacity and pricing etc. Then there is the other TP stuff.

Anyway, I really want to leverage this into some other role, I would love to get into equity research/investment analyst position, or a more corporate finance type role. Am I dreaming ??

Im in Australia by the way, feels like it is tough here to change career track too.

Are you really a CFA?

if so, he apparently failed ethics.


Why so uptight on the etikz, guys ?

Anyways, can it be that you have been in this field for like…forever ? If you know your stuff in valuations and debt advisory, I don’t see how you couldn’t use these skills to change path to corporate finance / IB related stuff.

Can’t speak for ER though, not my field.

I am a charterholder of the chartered financial analyst designation. :slight_smile:

Viceroy, this is how I see it. Its similar principles etc, but one does not have the whole deal execution type work, because it is all intercompany transactions. For example transferring a brand or operations from one country to another. And for debt its originating a loan from one sub to another sub in a different country.

So unfortunately, it just doesnt seem to cut the mustard. But I shall try to see if I can somehow catch a break.

Whatever, Tom Keene violates that rule at least twice per week on Bloomberg radio…