Career Change to Financial Analyst (FP&A)

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking to get into a FP&A role, but don’t have much experience. What steps would you recommend I take to land my first role in FP&A? I’ve taken a few online courses to brush up on Financial Modeling and to refresh my knowledge on Corporate Finance, but haven’t held a job in Finance.

Entry level would be fine. Salary would need to be at least $65k, but hopefully close to $70k-$75k to start so it’s not too far of a step down from my current salary.


  • MBA (2016 graduation)
  • 6+ years professional experience
    • Med Device / Healthcare
  • 0 years of Finance experience (in regards to a job/career).


What is your current job?

I work in Regulatory Affairs for a Medical Device company.

Find a privately held company that has a lot of turnover due to toxic management and shitty compensation packages. Join them for 50K then leave after a year. Worked for me.

I agree with above. Need to find a bridge that will link your MBA, experience and industry knowledge into translatable finance experience.