Career choice


I am currently studying for CFA Level 3. I am already an ACCA and CIMA member. 29 years old and have been working in a shared service centre of an Oil and Gas company (4 years). Prior to joining shared service centre, I had a mix of audit & tax (not big 4) & manufacturing experience.

I am currently thinking of joining an investment bank - however, my friends told me that I had to take a paycut and start from the beginning. May i know if there are any other career choices for me?

Kindly advise.

You want to join an investment bank to do what type of job?

Corporate finance

Plumbing FTW.

If you want to do corporate finance, what is the benefit of joining an investment bank compared to another sort of company?

What’s wrong with plumbing?

Hi, thanks - may i know what would generally be the scope, and could it be a rewarding as compared to an investment bank?

^ Work life balance is much better in a company than a bank. More relaxed culture too in most cases. Possibly less money but that’s a trade off of course.